International Conference “Pool and Spa in time of COVID-19”

This International WEB-CONFERENCE on “Pools and SPAs in time of Covid-19” provides an overview on scientific evidences and state of the art on current regulations and guidelines.

The idea of this meeting was born in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, with the general aim of creating a meeting opportunity to join experts and review scientific issues and regulatory policies related to recreational waters. The focus was on the perspective to reopen and maintain safe Swimming Pools and SPAs. Lockdown and other preventive measures to contrast SARS-CoV-2 spreading, impacted on management of water hygiene, posing public health concerns on different water-environments for sport, wellness and recreational activities.

The Conference allows a virtual space, a DATABASE where documents, papers and guidelines will be shared and made available to registered participants.

Moreover, a questionnaire was prepared to set up the activities and preliminary results will be reported during the Conference. Please once you register complete the SURVEY providing your point of view and contributing to describe the situation in your Country!

Duration:  180 min

Course Description


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This will not be a traditional Conference withlong and exhaustive presentations, but more a “relay race” a “word of mouth”where all will be “spokesmen of a piece” of a common shared message.

Therefore, each topic is prepared in advance with the organizers and it should not surprise that time available forpresentations is very short!

The meeting will be registered and accessiblelater up to 31st of December 2020 with all the documents and guidelines fromdifferent countries that speakers, chairmen and participants will want to share.Here, all registered participants will find additional information BEFORE,DURING and AFTER the Web Conference.

A round table will involve the scientificcommittees of previous International Conferences on Swimming Pools and Spas(ICSPS) and all interested participants will be able to share a possible proposalfor a consensus document/position paper on Pools and SPAs at time of Covid-19.

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